Safia Rice Mills

Boosting Production Capacity and Efficiency with Sufi Engineering SM-30 Rice Polishers


Safia Rice Mills, a leading rice processing facility, faced challenges in meeting the increasing demand for polished rice. They previously used China's SM-2500 Rice Polishers, which were costly to maintain and consumed excessive electricity. Determined to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs, Safia Rice Mills turned to Sufi Engineering.

The Collaboration with Sufi Engineering

Recognizing the need for modernization, Safia Rice Mills partnered with Sufi Engineering, impressed by their reputation for providing high-quality rice polishers. Sufi Engineering suggested using their cutting-edge SM-30 Rice Polishers, designed to optimize production processes and reduce electricity consumption, as a superior alternative to the China's SM-2500.


Sufi Engineering's team of experts worked closely with Safia Rice Mills to assess their specific requirements. They proposed the installation of SM-30 Rice Polishers, which were not only more cost-effective but also known for their energy-efficient features. The transition from the China's SM-2500 to the SM-30 promised to revolutionize Safia Rice Mills' production capacity and operational efficiency.


The installation of SM-30 Rice Polishers was seamlessly executed by Sufi Engineering's skilled technicians. They provided comprehensive training to Safia Rice Mills' staff to ensure a smooth transition and optimal utilization of the new rice polishers.


The impact of Sufi Engineering's SM-30 Rice Polishers was astounding for Safia Rice Mills:

  • Improved Production Capacity: The SM-30 Rice Polishers led to a remarkable 40% increase in Safia Rice Mills' production capacity. They were now able to process more rice efficiently, meeting market demands with ease.
  • Reduced Electricity Consumption: Sufi Engineering's SM-30 Rice Polishers significantly reduced electricity consumption by 30%. This resulted in substantial cost savings and a more sustainable production process.
  • Enhanced Rice Quality: The precision and advanced technology of the SM-30 Rice Polishers ensured consistent and superior-quality polished rice, delighting Safia Rice Mills' customers with every batch.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By opting for SM-30 Rice Polishers, Safia Rice Mills experienced greater cost-effectiveness in their operations, allowing them to invest in other areas of their business.


The partnership between Safia Rice Mills and Sufi Engineering exemplifies the power of innovation and expertise in enhancing rice milling operations. The replacement of China's SM-2500 with Sufi Engineering's SM-30 Rice Polishers not only improved production capacity but also reduced electricity consumption, resulting in substantial benefits for Safia Rice Mills' business and the environment.