Baba Farid Rice Mills

Unleashing Production Efficiency with Sufi Engineering's Cutting-edge Rice Polishers


Baba Farid Rice Mills, a renowned player in the rice industry, faced challenges in meeting the increasing demand for polished rice. Their existing rice polishers were outdated and inefficient, leading to limitations in production capacity and high electricity consumption. Eager to enhance their operations and reduce costs, Baba Farid Rice Mills turned to Sufi Engineering.

The Partnership with Sufi Engineering

Understanding the significance of modernization, Baba Farid Rice Mills partnered with Sufi Engineering, impressed by their reputation for delivering high-quality rice polishers. Sufi Engineering recommended replacing their old rice polishers with the latest technology models, such as the SM-2500 and SM-30, designed to optimize production processes and reduce electricity consumption.


Sufi Engineering's team of experts conducted a thorough assessment of Baba Farid Rice Mills' requirements. They designed a customized solution that involved the installation of their advanced SM-2500 and SM-30 Rice Polishers. These models offered cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient features, perfectly suited to address the challenges faced by Baba Farid Rice Mills.


The installation of the SM-2500 and SM-30 Rice Polishers was meticulously executed by Sufi Engineering's skilled technicians. They provided comprehensive training to Baba Farid Rice Mills' staff to ensure seamless integration and optimal utilization of the new rice polishers.


The adoption of Sufi Engineering's SM-2500 and SM-30 Rice Polishers brought about remarkable results for Baba Farid Rice Mills:

  • Improved Production Capacity: The advanced technology of the SM-2500 and SM-30 Rice Polishers led to a significant 50% increase in Baba Farid Rice Mills' production capacity. They were now able to efficiently process larger quantities of rice to meet market demands.
  • Reduced Electricity Consumption: Sufi Engineering's Rice Polishers significantly reduced electricity consumption by 40%. This not only resulted in substantial cost savings but also contributed to a greener and more sustainable production process.
  • Enhanced Rice Quality: The precision and automation of the SM-2500 and SM-30 Rice Polishers ensured uniform and superior-quality polished rice, enhancing the overall reputation of Baba Farid Rice Mills among their customers.
  • Streamlined Operations: The advanced automation features simplified the production process, reducing manual labor and optimizing efficiency, leading to smoother workflows and improved productivity.


The partnership between Baba Farid Rice Mills and Sufi Engineering exemplifies how adopting the latest technology in rice milling can lead to substantial improvements in production capacity, cost savings, and overall efficiency. By replacing their old rice polishers with the advanced SM-2500 and SM-30 models, Baba Farid Rice Mills is now better equipped to meet the demands of the market and achieve continued success in the rice industry.