Al Karam Rice Mills

Empowering Production Efficiency with Sufi Engineering's Rice Polishers


Al Karam Rice Mills, a prominent player in the rice milling industry, faced challenges in meeting the growing demand for polished rice. Their existing rice polishers, the reliable SM-18 models, were showing signs of aging, leading to reduced production capacity and higher electricity consumption. Eager to overcome these obstacles and enhance their processing capabilities, Al Karam Rice Mills turned to Sufi Engineering.

The Partnership with Sufi Engineering

Understanding the significance of upgrading their machinery, Al Karam Rice Mills partnered with Sufi Engineering, impressed by their reputation for high-quality rice polishers. Sufi Engineering recommended replacing their existing SM-18 Rice Polishers with the latest SM-2500 models to optimize their production process and reduce electricity consumption.


Sufi Engineering's team of experts conducted a thorough assessment of Al Karam Rice Mills' requirements and proposed a tailor-made solution. The new SM-2500 Rice Polishers, equipped with cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient features, promised to revolutionize Al Karam Rice Mills' operations while respecting the capabilities of the reliable SM-18 models.


The replacement of the SM-18 Rice Polishers with the SM-2500 models was skillfully executed by Sufi Engineering's experienced technicians. With meticulous attention to detail, they ensured a seamless transition and integration of the new machinery into Al Karam Rice Mills' setup. Additionally, comprehensive training was provided to the staff to effectively operate and harness the potential of both the SM-18 and SM-2500 Rice Polishers.


The adoption of Sufi Engineering's SM-2500 Rice Polishers yielded remarkable results for Al Karam Rice Mills:

  • Improved Production Capacity: By replacing the aging SM-18 models with the advanced SM-2500 Rice Polishers, Al Karam Rice Mills experienced a notable increase in production capacity by 35%. This boost enabled them to cater to a larger customer base and explore new market opportunities.
  • Energy Efficiency: The SM-2500 Rice Polishers significantly reduced electricity consumption by 25%. This energy-saving feature not only translated to substantial cost savings but also contributed to Al Karam Rice Mills' commitment to sustainability.
  • Enhanced Rice Quality: The precise and automated processes of both the SM-18 and SM-2500 Rice Polishers ensured uniform polishing, resulting in consistent and superior-quality rice that delighted their customers.
  • Smooth Transition: The integration of the SM-2500 models with the existing SM-18 models was seamless, enabling Al Karam Rice Mills to leverage the capabilities of both machines for an efficient and streamlined production process.


The success story of Al Karam Rice Mills showcases the transformative impact of Sufi Engineering's Rice Polishers on rice milling operations. By upgrading to the energy-efficient SM-2500 models while recognizing the value of the reliable SM-18 models, Al Karam Rice Mills achieved higher production capacity and reduced electricity consumption. The partnership between Al Karam Rice Mills and Sufi Engineering exemplifies the significance of advanced technology and innovation in elevating rice processing facilities, paving the way for growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.